Experiences With My Cats

I’m on the fence when it comes to cats, I mean some cats are adorable and some are just viscous. Talking about my experiences with my cats and favourite type of cat is most probably a kitten; they’re so tiny and fluffy. They cuddle up to you at night and ‘keep you safe’, I remember when i had a kitten, I named him Mo, he was black and had a white belly, he also had a black dot on his nose. I would be making a cup of tea and I would feel this tugging on my trousers and when i look down there’s nothing but I look towards the kettle and he’s sat there hoping I wouldn’t see him, he would then come towards me and stroke his head on me and then lay down and go to sleep.

On the other hand, you can get them cats who are just plain viscous, they will hiss at you; unless you’re giving them food then they are sweet as pie to you but untill then you seem like youre their worst enemy, you probably haven’t done anything wrong but they still hate you. My sister once had a cat and boy did that thing hate me, I would walk into the lounge and all I would get was a hiss and an attempted scratch.

Some cats are like family cats and they will be around you; they probably like the cuddles. Some will stay out all day everyday and only come in and eat and then they’re off! My favourite type of cat is a family cat, I love holding cats… That don’t scratch!! Being scratched by a cat is so scary, you get struck when you’re least expecting it, they cling on for dear life when you try and drop them; they dig all their claws into you and your clothes.

Old cats are the worst, they get so miserable and some get a lot of problems, we had an old cat; Misty and she was really old. She had a lot of problems with her health, she had one eye and three legs, yet her walking was hilarious but every morning we were punished for laughing by her leaving a massive puddle of urine by the front door, i stepped in it the first time she did it, eventually we had to put her down. When she was young she was good fun.