Life with a Dog


This article is about my experience and life with a dog I have owned for ten with pallino

Considering that having a dog is a big challenge, before adopt it or having the idea to take one there are few things to consider like asking yourself why do I need a dog, if you have enough time in your life to take care of it, if you can afford to have it, if you’re prepared to deal with future problems and one of the most important thing if you have someone to look after it when you travel.

For my personal experience I have my little dog Pallino since ten years ago and I can say that fall in love with a dog is very easy, sharing your home with it is like having a best friend every time you need, is a good companionship, brings you happiness and gives you unconditional love.

His story is very nice, was a cold November evening in 2005 and I was just going back home from work, was very late in the evening and after I parked my car, walking to my house I just saw a little white fluffy dog shaking and crying in front of my door.

As I’m a dog lover, the first thing I did was knee down and see if he was fine. As soon as I knee down to touch and stroke him, he suddenly jumped on my legs and start to play with me. Was so cold that night and he was thirsty and hungry so I decided to take him inside and take care of him at least for that night before asking neighbours if someone had lost it. He was so happy to stay with me and frankly speaking it seems that someone has abandoned him.

The day after I rang all the neighbours to ask if he was belonging to someone and as I received all negative answers at that point I decided that this was the time for me to keep him and specially give him a better life he deserved.

So, after that I took him to the vet for a complete health check and the various vaccinations. He had no health problems at all so I didn’t have any concerns about having him with some health problem. Happy after that I started my life with him and we fallen in love very soon.

The first period he was a bit uncontrollable behaviour dog, keeping to play with my shoes, messing the garden around and be a bit rebel character, so I realised that maybe giving him all the attentions he deserved and trying to teach how to be a good and quite dog was the best solution for me. So after years of teaching with the vet advices I succeed in that and he became a quite dog.

Seven months ago I moved from Italy to England and I decided to take him with me at every cost because we are inseparable and I thought he probably could suffer my absence. After two days of journey we reached UK together, ready for a new life and he’s now more attached to me than before.

He comes to work with me and I take him everywhere, everybody loves him and we are happy.